juin 20, 2018

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Empowering Labour Opporunities For Youth Spain-Madrid

Empowering Labour Opporunities For Youth   Spain-Madrid


“Empowering Labour Opportunities for Youth” is a Training Course took place in Spain directed to youth workers and youth leaders from EU and Neighboring countries and specially the Mediterranean countries to empower the work of their NGOs in the field of youth employability. Often, for youngsters, to orientate in today’s European labour market, affected by a deep economic crisis, and with an increasing competition within it, has become extremely complicated. Following the Europe 2020 Strategy.
we wish to support youth organizations in developing an inclusive growth approach in their local communities, equipping their Youth workers with valuable tools to empower youth employability, developing their coaching, career guidance and motivation skills, to support young people in their realities to be active in their labour market and in the European one. Moreover, we’ll provide them space to network, share best practices, define obstacles and challenges in different contexts, and work together on practical solutions to be implemented in each of their local

This project was designed and developed addressed to Youth Worker and Leaders, Youth Activists and those active in youth organizations or dealing with youth matters. The participants came from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, in order to favor a wider exchange of good practices, ideas and challenges, favoring at the same time values such as interculturalism, tolerance and respect, while developing skills such as teamwork in an intercultural group, critical and creative thinking and problem solving

the main target group was between 20 and 35 years old, guaranteeing a mix of freshness, experience, creativity and knowledge. We wish to involve, for this activity, participants who are only over 18 years old, to ensure a minimum level of experience within the project and to minimize legal issues with parents bound with their participation. However, we might make exceptions on condition of extremely motivated situations (experience regardless the young age; motivation; involvement in the organization; fewer opportunities background). The gender balance will be a fundamental aspect to be taken care about throughout the whole project.