juin 20, 2018

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Me ….inc project in Tunisia
Me ….inc project in Tunisia

Me ….inc project in Tunisia

Our participants took part in  the training course “ME inc “ that was held in Tunisia so as to discover and practice new concepts as identity and personal branding, through non-formal methods. This project helped the participants to develop both professional and personal skills. Focused on all 19 abilities and competences needed for a personal and professional projects and to develop your career path.

The aims of the training course were :

– To help 28 participants to discover new non-formal methods in personal brand field to be used in their work with young people from the sending organizations (personal values, career values and vocational interests, creative ways to shape their personal brand)
– To create an international platform where can be uploaded methods, testimonials from participants, professional advises from experts, tests and quizzes and who can be accessed by every youngster interested in developing their personal brand.
– To enhance networking, multicultural awareness and exchange of best practices and further cooperation among nonprofit organisations with focus on the issue of personal branding, social entrepreneurship and talent management
– Establish a network of youth workers who develop, implement activities in the field of personal branding for youngsters
– At the end of the training course the participants will improve their entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial and personal branding mindset; learn how to help their beneficiaries to develop and present an individual action plan, but also exchange and present their country’s best practices

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