juin 20, 2018

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« Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation” Conference-Malta

« Youth Work against Violent Radicalisation” Conference-Malta

The Mediterranean forum for social development was represented in RVE conference that took place in Malta , The Conference brought together participants from Programme Countries and from the four Neighboring Regions of the European Union in order to reflect on interdependency and the need to analyze this topic from a wider perspective. The conference covered the following objectives.

How to explore the concept of youth radicalization into violent extremism (RVE), its forms

And manifestations. In order to increase participants’ understanding regarding the role of youth work in preventing RVE and in supporting young people’s resilience.

How To share inspiring practices among participants and to identify possible transferability into their local realities. And last but not least how to learn about the support measures of Erasmus + Youth Chapter and other programmes for youth NGOs working on the theme of the conference.