juin 20, 2018

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About us

(MFD)  the Mediterranean Forum For Social development (MFD) is an organization involved in enhancing youth development in the areas of Democracy and Good Governance, Sustainability, Active Citizenship, Culture, Creativity, Education, Employment, Social Entrepreneurship, Health , environment and Wellbeing Leadership Training, Youth Business, Long and Short term volunteer Placements among other programs . MFD works to Increase the youth active participation in the development process, through ensuring the chances of participation in the local and international meetings, and emphasize the youth initiative to develop the society and integrate in it. On the other hand to spread the cooperation and peace spirit between the Moroccan youths and the rest of the world youths for a better future.

We are the youth from all the Moroccan slices without exceptions, from those whom got mental, movements, materiality, or cultural challenges, focusing on the interest to strengthening the concept of the civil participation and voluntary work in the society.

Our organization works today with a modern vision toward developing the local societies, through understanding the information technology, communication, and interacts with the developing process by adapting methodologies had been certified internationally and praised by a specialized organizations, Through the knowledge and expertise exchanges

Since our establishment we have supported youngsters with fewer opportunities to follow their dreams and find a voluntary project in Europe .Throughout the years we gained more

Knowledge and experience, eventually, we established a new department that is specialized in EVS.